Friday, February 12, 2010

More Footage of Jean Balukas

Reader Roy Zornow reminds us of this cool video of Jean Balukas, Fran Crimi, Steve Mizerak and several other legends shooting pool on the Charlie Rose show. Roy went looking for the video after coming across the footage of a young Jean Balukas shooting pool on TV, which is also reproduced here on this blog.

Roy writes that there's an interesting magazine article from 1991 that references a televised match Balukas had vs. Robin Bell in Las Vegas at the Women’s Final of the Brunswick World Open 9-ball tournament. You can find the article here.

-- R.A. Dyer


Michael McCafferty said...

No video!
When I click play, it wants to do email.

R.A. Dyer said...

Fixed Now?

Michael McCafferty said...

Yes, all fixed.

Michael McCafferty said...

But the pool part of the video starts 12:50 into the clip.

Roy Zornow said...

Thanks for posting these Jake. Lately I am fascinated with Balukas, she seemed to be such a dominating force in women's pool, yet, as the article points out, to be a champion you have to be resilient and tough, which are virtues Allison Fisher definitely has. My guess is that Balukas had more natural ability - Mizerak certainly seemed impressed, afer all she beat him - but Fisher has the all-important mental edge.

Mike is right, the pool part of the video doesn't start until 12:50 in.