Sunday, October 25, 2009

Archer & Fisher feted during Hall of Fame banquet at 2009 U.S. Open

In other U.S. Open news: Johnny Archer and Allison Fisher were inducted into the Billiards Congress Hall of Fame during a banquet on Thursday. It was a truly charming affair, with both Archer and Fisher tearing up as they accepted their awards. Archer's friend and business partner Kim Davenport gave the introductory speech for Archer. (The two are co-owners of a pool hall in Georgia.) Ironically, it would also be Davenport who would eliminate Archer during the U.S. Open on Friday. That loser-side battle went hill-hill, with Davenport coming from behind. He beat Archer after pocketing the nine ball on the break in the 21st game. That's a picture on top of this post of Archer at the Hall of Fame banquet with his parents.

Another guest at the event, sitting right next to Allison Fisher at the grown-up table, was none other than Jean Balukas, the one woman who some say would rival Fisher as the best ever. They shared a toast before the ceremony and signed plenty of autographs afterward.

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