Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mika Immonen: 2009 U.S. Open Champion

Wait. Did I say that Mika Immonen was a long shot to win the U.S. Open? Well, I was wrong. He dropped a game in just the second round, and then proceeded on a terrifying march through the loser's side. He played 12 to 14 hours, at least, on Friday but remained undefeated all the way. On Saturday, the last day of the tournament, Mika finished off Lee Van Corteza from the Philippines, Donnie Mills from the U.S. (it went hill-hill) and then polished off Ralf Souquet of Germany. Mika is only the second man in U.S. Open history to win the prestigious tournament twice in a row. Nick Varner was the first, and he was feted at this year's U.S. Open for having accomplished the feat 20 years ago.

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