Saturday, October 3, 2009

USA shut out from Galveston Pro Events

What has happened to the once mighty Americans? At the Galveston World Classic U.S. players were shut out on their home turf in every major professional event. Much has been written about the pool powerhouse that is the Philllipines. But U.S. players also faced overwheliming competition from Korea, Finland, England, Norway and even ... Belgium.

Here's the rundown of the final winners (and payouts) in the Galveston pro events:

Open 8-Ball

1st Ronnie Alcano $15,500 (Phillipines)
2nd Johnny Archer $8,000 (USA)
3rd Robert Gomez $4,500 (Phillipines)

Open 10-Ball

1st Mika Immonen $25,000 (Finland)
2nd Warren Kiamco $12,000 (Phillipines)
3rd Mike Dechaine $6,500 (USA)

One Pocket

1st Efren Reyes $15,000 (Phillipines)
2nd Shannon Daulton $7,500 (USA)
3rd Cliff Joyner $4,000 (USA)

Women's 9-Ball

1st Yu Ram Cha $6,000 (Korea)
2nd Allison Fisher $3,000 (England)
3rd Line Kjorsvik $1,500 (Norway)

Americans placed as high as second in eight-ball (Johnny Archer) and one-pocket (Shannon Daulton). In the 10-ball division, American Mike Dechaine placed third. The Americans were shut out altogether from the top three spots in the women's professional 9-ball event, with Korean Yu Ram Cha taking first.

Even in the wheelchair event, the winner was Kurt Deklerck, hailing from Belgium. Top ranked American Shane Van Boening (pictured above, signing an autograph outside the tournament hall) was shut out from the top spots in each of the major divisions. Veteran Nick Varner, also of the USA, placed fourth in eight-ball.

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