Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PoolSynergy: Construction in Progress

Sorry. No post for today. That's because I'm working on my assignment for the PoolSynergy project, which is due tomorrow. If you're not familiar with PoolSynergy, scroll down to find some of my recent contributions. Or click here to read a recent one about pool and folklore. Basically the deal with PoolSynergy is that a group of online pool writers each agree to common assignments and then the writers post their contributions on the same day of each month, generally the 15th. The agreed-upon theme of the attached post was "billiard tales." (I wrote about folklore. That's close, right?) Our upcoming assignment is to write about a favorite player. If you're curious about contributing to PoolSynergy, contact organizer John Biddle at http://www.poolstudent.com/. Or you can also shoot me an email at R.A. Dyer

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