Saturday, September 19, 2009

Varner places fourth in Eight-Ball segment of Galveston World Classic

Nick Varner has placed fourth in the eight-ball segment of the Galveston World Classic. He was eliminated Saturday afternoon by Johnny Archer, who beat the Kentucky native 7-1 during a match televised for the Internet. Archer's methodical and calculated attack left little chance for error for Varner, who early during the match missed two very makable balls.

Archer won the lag, then ran out two racks to begin with. He broke dry on the third rack, but Varner couldn't capitalize, and Archer won that game as well. The fourth also went to Archer. Varner picked up a game about midway through the match, and did so in high form. Facing a tough layout with two of his balls locked up on the far rail, Varner played a safe while simultaneously sending the object ball down table to a spot near the troublesome cluster. Archer then fouled, giving Varner ball in hand. Varner then used the manufactured helper ball to break out the cluster and proceeded to navigate a very tricky layout.

But that would be Varner's only victory. At one point, Varner got so locked up after a tough roll that he had neither a shot nor any obvious safety. Archer now can do no worse than third in the eight-ball segment. Also left alive are Ronnie Alcano and Roberto Gomez. Archer faces Gomez Sunday at noon.

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