Sunday, September 20, 2009

Johnny Archer versus Ronnie Alcano in 8-ball final at Galveston World Classic

Playing nearly flawless pool, newest hall of fame inductee Johnny Archer beat Roberto Gomez 7-2 in the eight-ball semi-final at the Galveston World Classic. Archer broke and ran four times in his march to victory, leaving Gomez fidgeting and helpless in his seat. The younger player managed a few runs, but a scratch in the final game sealed his fate. Archer now faces Ronnie Alcano in the final. On the 10-ball side, Mike Dechaine faces Warren Kiamco in the semi final. The winner of that match meets Mika Immonen tonight in the final match. Efren Reyes has already won the one-pocket event.

The winner of the professional women's nine-ball event was Yu Ram Cha, who beat Allison Fisher in the final match on Tuesday. Fisher will be feted in October along with Johnny Archer as the newest inductees into the Billiard Congress Hall of Fame.

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