Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mika or Shane?

The Conversation from Justin Collett on Vimeo.

Just one week until the high-stakes action match between Mika Immonen and Shane Van Boening, two of the greatest players alive today. The game: 10-ball. The venue: New York City's Amsterdam Billiards. Each puts up ten grand. Winner takes all.

Between them Van Boening and Immonen have won the last three U.S. Opens in a row.  Many consider Van Boening America's finest player. Many consider Immonen (a native of Finland now living in New York) the greatest from Europe. Maybe the world. Both have been named Billiards Digest players of the year.

The three-day pay-per-view event begins Oct. 12. It's sponsored by The Action Report, AZ Billiards, CueSports International and others. I have nothing to do with this event, am not sponsoring it, nor have I been paid a dime to endorse it. I'm just geeked. So much so that I'll send a free book to the fan who most closely predicts the final tally.

I hope this event is successful. With the dearth of quality pool of TV, it's heartening to see creative events like this one live streamed on the web.

For more information, check out The Action Report website at theactionreport.com.

-- R.A. Dyer

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