Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upcoming PoolSynergy: How to Fix Pool?

I'm the host for this month's PoolSynergy project, which goes live on July 15th.   If you're not familiar with PoolSynergy, you can poke through this blog to find some of my recent contributions. They're typically marked with the PoolSynergy logo, displayed just below. Or you can click here to read one of my recent contributions about pool and folklore.

PoolSynergy was founded by John Biddle, the man behind The Pool Student's Blog.  This is is how it works: each month online writers with an interest in pool and billiards agree to write about a common theme and then post their contributions on the 15th.  There's a different host for PoolSynergy each month.  (This month it's me.) It is the host's responsibility to post links and descriptions for a selection of the essays on his or her own website or blog. However, you don't have to submit essays to the host to participate. Just write about the theme on your own blog or Facebook page. The idea is to get a general conversation going about issues important to the billiards community. If you want to participate in a more formal way, shoot me an email or contact John Biddle at the pool student's blog.

This Month's Topic

This month's PoolSynergy topic is "How to Fix Pool." Consider that our sport's top money winners would probably rank around 150th if they were playing golf, the TV coverage is spotty and the tours are either non-existent or in disarray. So what to do about it? If you have a good idea about this topic (or even a bad one) post it up on your blog or Facebook page on June 15th. You can also post up comments here or on my pool history Facebook page, which you can find here.

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