Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Poll Question: Pool and Gambling

In preparation for my upcoming PoolSynergy column (which you'll be able to find here in a day or so) I've posted up a new poll question. As you may already know, PoolSynergy is an online collaborative effort between pool writers. This month's theme is "Pool and the Mainstream" and my upcoming essay touches upon questions raised by our sport's long association with gambling. So here's the poll question: Is this association good for the sport's image or bad?

You'll have to scroll down a bit to find the poll. I've provided four possible responses, and I of course welcome comments here and on the Pool History Facebook page.

And while you're busy mulling over this deep philosophical question, you might also cast your vote on the Greenleaf-Mosconi question. That poll is at the right. I've got plenty of information about both players here on this blog if you want to research the question before you decide. I also maintain separate Mosconi and Greenleaf blogs, and Billiards Digest will feature an Untold Stories column on the question in an upcoming issue.

-- R.A. Dyer

1 comment:

Doug Riley said...

I don't know if it's good for the "image" of the sport but I don't necessarily believe that it is bad for it either. Personally I prefer to play for bragging rights but it's your money. If you want to throw it down I have no problem taking it. LOL It will make you elevate your game if something is riding on it. I just don't believe it affects the image of the game one way or the other.