Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R.I.P.: Houston's Cue & Cushion

Check out the Houston Chronicle blog post about the demise of that city's Cue & Cushion pool hall. It was a great room, having been a favored haunt of Jersey Red and others. It has been replaced by a tony restaurant -- an upscale joint greeted with great enthusiasm by food critics. There are some who seemed almost to have welcomed the demise of the Cue & Cushion, with one food critic going so far as to note "that the new restaurant sprang forth from the carcass of the old Cue and Cushion dive (which) makes the (dining) experience even more delicious."

In its prime the Cue & Cushion was a truly great room. The Houston Press recently had named it the best in the city.

Kudos to my old friend Mike Snyder for seeing fit to post a tribute to the room. (I helped!) Mike and I spent many hours there shooting nine-ball. You can find Mike's post here.

-- R.A. Dyer

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Anonymous said...

Worked there years ago when Sonny & Rico had it. A hinky but fun place. Eddie Arnold (not the singer) killed Carl the clean up dude. Huge
bummer. RIP C&C and Carl.