Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Magazine: Greenleaf and his Princess

There's a great story online from the Jan 1, 1934 edition of Time Magazine relating the story of Greenleaf's appearance in the world championship that year. Apparently Ralph was drunk and close to divorce. The story describes bruises on Greenleaf's head -- apparently from ashtrays hurled by his wife, the Princess Nai Tai Tai.

Here's an excerpt:

More astonishing than (Irwin) Rudolph's victory was the complete disintegration of handsome, suave Ralph Greenleaf, who had won the championship twelve times. ... It was the first game Greenleaf had lost in three years of championship play. All but two other opponents found him an easy mark. To pool enthusiasts the spectacle was pitiful, particularly the after noon when Greenleaf, always the well-mannered sportsman, appeared for his match with Jimmy Caras in no condition to play. Apparently drunk, he loudly protested that Caras had shoved rather than shot the cue ball in making one point. The referee waved Greenleaf away. When he continued to argue the referee disqualified him.


Michael ("FastMikie") McCafferty said...

Great stories! Thanks for posting...

Anonymous said...

Great Story! I like the one where Mosconi kept Chewing loudly on some snacks as Greenleaf was shooting and greenleaf threw a ball at Mosconi!! haha.. where have all the good times gone?? ;)

Brad (Mosconi526)