Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Willie Mosconi picture

James Van Cise sends in this picture of a 40ish Willie Mosconi. He writes:

Here's a copy of an old family heirloom. That's my cousin with the
cigarette. We've always wanted to know what year and what possible
location this could have been. I am from Cleveland but my cousin
traveled a lot. Any ideas?

He also wrote:
I don't know who took the photo. ...
My own guess about the year is after 1962 but before 1972. I can only
go by the whiteness of Mosconi's hair. Post-Hustler movie demo?
An older pro here in Cleveland says he thinks it was taken in
Cleveland at a place called Le Cues which I'd not heard of."


FastMikie said...

Did Willie smoke?

I'm thinking that maybe he is telling the guy to read the sign that says "Please No smoking during exhibition"

Kwanja said...

Could it be George & Paul Jansco's place in Johnston City, Illinois?

Kwanja said...

That is not at Johnston City?

R.A. Dyer said...
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R.A. Dyer said...

Willie Mosconi made it pretty clear that he wouldn't be caught dead at the Johnston City tournaments. He never played at any of them.